A Little Light Reading

Two of Dave Barnhart’s articles were featured recently on the Reconciling Ministries Network Blog. Both articles are inspired by recent news and events. Take a moment to consider his points thoughtfully.

In Christian sexual ethics for dummies: Why we don’t marry mops, Dave discusses the slippery slope fallacy, and walks us through the reasons that gay marriage doesn’t mean that it’s only a matter of time before people start marrying their mops. Besides marriage to inanimate objects, Dave also discusses many of the other topics that are brought up when people are objecting to gay marriage, such as consent, taboo relationships, monogamy,  and sexual ethics in general.

Angels of Indeterminate Gender in Genesis 19 is an article that has stirred up a lot of lively conversation. In it, he argues, “The story of Sodom and Gomorrah, trotted out as a homophobic trope for centuries, should be read by Americans as an indictment of the ways we use mob violence to deal with social fear.”

A third article, on Dave’s personal blog, also addresses LGBTQ issues. These 10 Biblical themes avoided by anti-gay Christians are important to the discussion.


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