Better Together: Improving Your Relationships

FB_Relationship_EQ_finalThis is much more than a “marriage and family” sermon series. Research by John & Julie Gottman has found common themes that apply in all kinds of relationships between all kinds of people: spouses (gay, straight, or otherwise), parents, kids, siblings, coworkers, and friends. We’ll be exploring the intersections of relationships, research, and scripture in our upcoming sermon series “Better Together: Improving Your Relationships.” Whether you are single or married, in a relationship or the all-encompassing “it’s complicated,” you will gain practical skills and personal insight.

  • Jan 25: What’s Your EQ?
  • Feb 1: Four Relationship Killers
  • Feb 8: Setting Boundaries
  • Feb 15: Seven Principles of Marriage
  • Feb 22: Building Trust
  • March 1: The Cure for Heart Disease


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