Help Mr. Alan


Months ago, one of our Saint Junia partners saw a man with Huntington’s disease struggling to walk down the road. She gave him a ride, and they became friends. She found out that poverty was his greatest disability, that being dependent on others meant that he was a victim of identity theft and social apathy.

She became his advocate. She wasn’t going to be a Lone Ranger, and so she enlisted other folks and his extended friends and family to help. She saw little miracles happen along the way, as he reconnected with childhood friends and his life turned around.


Then fire struck Trades Towers and sent him—and hundreds of others like him—back to square one.

The miracle of incarnation is that God puts on human flesh and endures the struggles we endure in order to save us from ourselves and our broken, excuse-making, violence-loving, apathetic world. Jesus comes as a baby in a manger, and at one point in his ministry said that he had nowhere to lay his head.

So that’s what we’re doing this week of Christmas. We’re giving Jesus a bed and a place to lay his head. And furnishings for his apartment. If you can donate any of the new or gently-used items on this list, please sign up.

I’m so grateful that we have so many partners who see Jesus when he shows up.


Dave Barnhart

P.S. If you would prefer to give money, you can give to the designated gift fund. We’ll use that to offset the cost of anything we buy:

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