House Churches, an Ancient-Modern Concept


It was impossible to find clothes that fit me when I was 12. Pants that did fit would be too small in a few months, and shirts that I would “grow into” were like tents. We’re at a point in our church’s life where our space, time, money, and discipleship needs require a custom-tailored solution.

We’re going to build on our strengths and create a network of house churches that can meet at different times and places. We’ll also have a monthly Celebration Service where we gather to sing our original songs and party the way Saint Junia does so well. These monthly worship services will also have a compassion and justice theme that highlights ways we are in ministry in Birmingham.

The house churches that we begin this week will be about worship. The focus is on bringing glory to God “wherever two or more are gathered” in Jesus’ name (Matthew 18:20). In many ways, it’s a return to our Christian roots. The earliest churches met in homes and shared meals together.

Our worship will be liturgical, meaning that everyone participates. There will be readings, creeds, prayers, candle-lighting, bell-ringing, and a message. We will distribute roles as people arrive. We will also share communion. We may even share some silence.

But the goal and focus of it all is God.

10:30 AM Worship at the Barnharts’: 544 55th Street South.

4:30 PM Worship at the O’Donnells’: 712 47th Street South.
We will be discussing and trying out some things with these worship times, such as:

• Internet connectivity
• Occasional dinner / brunch with worship
• How to invite guests to house churches and celebration services
• Music and singing

I hope this week that you will join us to experience this ancient-modern expression of Christian worship.

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