Join the Invisible Choir!

What is an “Invisible Choir?”

When it comes to singing, we are social creatures. If we hear our own voice, we sing quietly, or not at all. If we hear another loud voice, though, we’ll sing boldly! An invisible choir takes its place among the congregation in order to encourage everyone to sing. The congregation thinks, “Wow, we sound really good!”

We’re not big enough to have a full-fledged choir or a regular rotation of backup singers, but at times we want a fuller sound, and we want to be able to call on good singers to help lead sections when we do a round. An invisible choir is one that doesn’t sing up front every Sunday, but may sing from within the congregation, especially when we do music that would benefit from singing parts.

Steven Roberts, our music director, will lead a meeting to form our invisible choir on June 14 at Slice after church.


Ashley Singing at Saint Junia

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