House Church, an Ancient Modern Tradition



Saint Junia has been on an exciting journey. We’ve worshiped in many different spaces including a Girls Inc gym and a bar. Now we’re meeting as a connected group of small churches throughout the city. We meet in homes and other places at different times. Since we’re just getting started with house churches, and house churches are a bit of a different type of church, this can vary from week to week. Let us know if you’re interested in joining us, and we’ll let you know where you can worship with us.

Once a month, we also do a larger service for the community. We’ll be publishing these events on our calendar, so you can meet the greater Saint Junia community!

Child care is provided. If you have kids under the age of 6, please take advantage of our professionally-trained nursery staff.


Sunday 9:30 am
Sunday 11:30 am


Various homes and other locations throughout Birmingham. Check out where we’re meeting this week, or Contact us for more info!



What to Expect

Worship is something we do together as a group of amateurs, not something done by professionals as entertainment. We do have a great band that we love, but we’re all in this together.

We sing. Everyone has a voice, and everyone has a voice worth hearing, even if we may not all be soloists. When we sing together, we practice leaving behind the silence of inaction and apathy and join our voices for something.

We pray, sing, teach, and share holy moments together in ritual and sacrament, especially Communion (the Lord’s Supper). Everyone is welcome to partake. After all, it’s the Lord’s Table, not a Methodist table.

We worship at a variety of homes and other locations throughout Birmingham, so you might not be surprised to learn that you should come as you are. If you’re not used to worship, we promise not to make you feel weird (or weirder than normal!).