Jesus and Justice


Awkward Allies Unite!

When it comes to social justice, lots of Christians have their hearts in the right place, but their heads haven’t caught up. How do you practice allyship if you don’t know the right terminology or how to talk about social justice issues? How can we speak out for others without speaking over them?

Too many Christians avoid opportunities to learn or contribute because they fear embarrassing themselves. Over the next month, we’re going to be talking about stuff that a lot of churches won’t touch with a 100-foot pole, because they don’t want to make people feel awkward.

Embrace the awkwardness! If we’re going to be serious about spreading the Good News, we need to educate ourselves about how these social justice issues play out in everyday conversations. Here’s some links so you can learn more. 

Racism and White Privilege:

Implicit Association Test. Learn about your own unconscious bias.
Color Blind or Color Brave? A TED Talk by Mellody Hobson.

LGBTQ 101 and 102:

Resolution 2041 of the United Methodist Book of Resolutions: the church is to be in ministry to persons of all sexual orientations.
Resolution 2042 of the United Methodist Book of Resolutions: opposition to homophobia and heterosexism:
Video trailer for “Families are Forever.” Family support and acceptance is crucial.
News article using Caitlin Ryan’s research, specifically referring to transgender kids.

Local links for LGBTQ support:

PFLAG Birmingham: Parents and Friends of LGBTQ+.

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